Instructional Videos: Downloadable Format

Today, Yamuna is a world-renowned authority whose simple, yet profound methods have been proven beyond doubt. Yamuna is as exceptional as she is real; as intelligent as she is accessible; as generous as she is devoted. Her thinking and her methods are uniquely her own. She lives her vision that a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for movement free and available is the most beautiful body possible. She is committed to sharing with others what it takes to know and love their bodies, and be better in them.

Yamuna Studio is pleased to announce the availability of our instructional videos for clients who prefer viewing in a downloadable format, optimized for viewing on large format monitors, mobile tablets, and laptop computers. Each of the instructional videos are presented in  easy-to-follow segments. Small previews from each video are available for viewing in order to acquaint you with the focus of the work for each area of the body. The downloads can be ordered with or without the appropriate ball and pump.