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Announcing the Otherworld Cottage Industries edition of a new illustrated Beatles book "It Was 50 Years Ago Today:  THE BEATLES Invade America and Hollywood" by music historian and author, Harvey Kubernik.

In photos, memorabilia and personal memories, record industry artists, publicists, DJs, engineers, producers, songwriters, musicians and fans reveal the real and deep-felt connection between the Beatles and Hollywood.

Harvey Kubernik had long-considered writing a book about the Beatles rarely chronicled-at-length history with Southern California and Hollywood.  During his 40 years of published musical journalism, he asked some of his interview subjects -- songwriters, recording and mastering engineers, poets, musicians, graphic artists, philosophers, record producers, disc jockeys, authors, filmmakers, pen pals, photographers, collectors and friends -- about their experiences, insights and memories of the Beatles.  Now, with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America upon us, it was time to write the book.

Harvey called on his many record industry contacts and celebrated musicians whom he knew to have been part of the Beatles history, to share their memories and insights in fresh 2013 interviews, and he began pulling together all the memorabilia, photos, press releases, emails, letters, recorded interviews, radio broadcaster’s remarks and snippets he’d captured live at media events up to the present day.

“For the book, I involved the voices of East L.A. and West L.A. , the San Fernando Valley, downtown L.A. and the beach community  -- all of us who first heard the Beatles in 1964.  In addition, I incorporated heralded rock ‘n’ roll band members hailing from New York, New Jersey and Canada and wove their voices into my manuscript while collaborating with Gary Strobl, curating and scanning the rare and unseen visual images and artifacts I unearthed that are displayed within the pages.”

Harvey invited James Cushing to write the Foreword, dedicated the volume to Derek Taylor and with S. Ti Muntarbhorn along with MsMusic Productions in association with Harvey Kubernik and Otherworld Cottage Industries, this book became a reality, and Harvey Kubernik became a “Paperback Writer.”

"It Was 50 Years Ago Today" is now available for purchase.