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Dr. Lindsey McCall's worst fears are realized. Not only have both drugs been stolen but two women have been kidnapped- one maybe dead. Lindsey had known Liisa Reardon's new drug was alchemy, only this time, the end product actually more precious than gold.The desperate call from Hank Reardon in Switzerland came late at night.

Could Lindsey and Rich Jansen uncover who was behind the crimes?
It was an inside job-could they figure out who had sold out the Reardons?
All in time to save Reardon's daughter and her chief tech Ariana?
Were they risking their lives as well?

The evil words smolder in her mind, the contents of the letter delivered to Hank Reardon:
Hello Mr. Reardon,
By the time you get this letter, it will be too late. We'll already have her.
Here are the steps you must not take:

    Do not call the cops.
    Do not contact Interpol.
    Tell no one.

You must know Sir, there is a price for genius. We trust you will pay it if you want to see your daughter alive.