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Wondering if you should attempt an on-line business?

Or whether your brother-in-law is right when he insists that these are all scams, that no one can make money working from home on their computer?

Or perhaps you are wondering just what kind of business you should join?

Lin Wilder is an experienced network marketer who learned the basics of sales through trial and error and became extremely effective at distinguishing between tire kickers and serious prospects. Her advice on closing your prospects is packed with practical, simple information you will not find elsewhere.

This book is a primer and will cover the basics of just what it takes to start a virtual franchise or an affiliate marketing business.

You'll receive helpful information about the mechanics of an on-line business to writing advertising copy through tips on how to deal with unhappy customers.

This is not a book promising success to everyone; Wilder knows first hand that succeeding in business is hard work. But though out her 15 chapters you can feel her commitment to the joys of working for yourself, from home, and her desire to help you do so too.