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Lin Wilder, author of Our Fool Proof Prospecting System and A Search for the Sacred, lays out the fundamentals of an email marketing plan in her newest book, Secrets to Email Marketing.

Wilder lays to rest some of the negative press that has befallen email marketing via some concise and verifiable data demonstrating that email marketing is not only alive and well but may be the preferred method in these days of Twitter, Linked In and Face Book.

In her second chapter which she calls The Second Secret, Wilder does a fairly comprehensive job of explaining the history leading up to the Can Spam Act and offers simple and practical advice about how to comply with the laws affecting network marketing and MLM.

But the meat of this very readable little book is contained in her three chapters on best practices for emailing, advice on headlining and her excellent section on what she calls "writing power copy."

Her treatment of social media and its impact on marketing is a little light but understandable since most major companies are still experimenting with marketing via social media.

I liked her lists, attention to the import of basic writing skills and her liberal use of experts sprinkled throughout the book. The author states that she intends the book to be read by those brand new to an online business but the information contained here applies as well to those of us who have been marketing for years.