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Tristan Badger is gifted, or cursed, with the ability to see beyond what her eyes could take in. It started as precognitive transference; the ability to route a paranormal existence  to someone in need of answers. The notion of that talent embarrassed her parents. The possibilities intrigued the government. All she ever wanted was a normal life; a life where the people around her didn’t consider her a freak of nature.

Moving to California was her way of getting away from all of that.

As a young deputy sheriff, her life was becoming normal. She was getting a few new friends. She was happy with the simple things that happened from day to day. That ended when she saw the girl in the refrigerator. From that point on, the life of Deputy Sheriff Tristan Badger would change forever.

The girl in the refrigerator had been murdered and Tristan saw it happen. She saw and felt the pain that child had gone through and it scared her beyond anything she had felt before. The problem being; she didn’t see it with her eyes, she saw it in her mind. Her gift had changed. It now came to her as an intruding old Shaman; a person who died 150 years earlier.

She couldn’t tell anyone. She couldn’t run from it either. Tristan Badger would have to figure out who she could trust to save the lives of others doomed by the killers of the Devil’s Door.