Reluctance to Try Guarantees Failure

L.C. Wright Books

L.C. Wright is a writer of mystery and suspense novels  with four novels currently published. His most recently released novel, Connections – The Devil’s Door was voted “book of the month” by His books not only tell a believable story, they also get you involved in the lives of their characters. L.C. Wright has a unique writing style that tests the limits of how traditional novels are written. They are fast paced and gripping.

His focus is on two amazing series: the first is his Katt and Mouse Mystery series featuring the beautiful Katherine Katt, an FBI profiler. She’s smart, charismatic and witty. Just the tools needed to work with the rough and belligerent Mickey (Mouse) James, a detective from the Sacramento Police Department. Together, they view the world and work the cases from different perspectives, but always agree that in the end, they have the other’s back when times get difficult and lives are at stake. The first book is titled, Castle Grey and the second of the series, Long Shot.

If you are wanting something a little scarier and you don’t mind sleeping with a light on, then Connections – The Devil’s Door might just be the trick for you. Tristan Badger, a young deputy sheriff has moved to Carmel Valley, California to get away from things she would just just as soon never have to deal with again. However, she learns that the old axiom, you can never run away from yourself, was both true and prophetic. There are things that people are just not supposed to see. There is a world out there that most of us are shielded from. Tristan sees it all and in Connections – The Devil’s Door, she must learn to embrace what she has been turning from in order to save the lives of herself and those she cares about.

L.C. Wright is a master at his work and hopes you will enjoy the fear he shares and laughter that comes when someone just barely survives by the skin of their teeth.